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Have we lost the human touch?

As we all increasingly hurtle towards automation, there are many ways we can keep the human touch.

Remember the BT ad from the 90's - Maureen Lipman telling us 'It's good to talk'? Oh how true this was!  Don't we all just sometimes wish we could speak to someone, an actual real-life human being, especially when it comes to dealing with banks or companies who seem to love push-button selections for a department, for you to input your details via keypad, or send a 'link' for you to basically self-serve (how annoying is it when they don't work!!). 

A human voice can make things feel more personal and more often than not, help us understand things that may not always be that clear from a website and definitely not from an automated voice.

So many companies have lost the human touch in customer experience, missing the point that being able to actually speak to someone, could be the key to making sure your customers return to you again and again, contributing to success for your business.

Clients need to hear a voice and for that voice to hear theirs, no-one really wants to be treated as a number.  

It takes time and effort to make sure that the human touch isn't lost - going that extra mile, helping with queries or questions - some that may even sit outside of what you do, or even something as simple as making sure you return a call when you say you will - now that one does go a LONG way to client satisfaction! How frustrating it is when someone just doesn't ring you back?  The human touch is time really well spent.

Mortgages aren't easy to understand, and the legal side of things can sometimes be overwhelming - I understand it but that doesn't mean everyone else does.  

My business is built on integrity, honesty, and being available for my clients whenever they need to speak to me and my team - something I am incredibly proud of.  Of course technology plays a big part in us being able to secure the best mortgage for you as quickly as possible, and so much is done online, but when it comes to client contact, I'm all ears.