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Perseverance pays in more ways than one

They say you should pick your battles, and with 25 years experience of lenders, I know which ones to fight.  

Every client I work with receives the same treatment as the others; a relentless pursuit of the best product for them, achieved as quickly as possible, whilst fending off the many arrows that Lenders seem to throw at us these days.  Covid has rendered some Lenders so cautious that even the most simplest of cases goes through interrogation that wouldn't be out of place in a police drama.

I also come across clients who are seeking a mortgage that will change theirs and their family's lives for the better.  Unfortunately at the moment, some Lenders don't see the bigger picture past the boxes that need ticking and scores that must be achieved.   The days of dealing with people singularly and personally on their own merits is fast disappearing.

For a client to receive four declines from the same lender - these declines not being based on figures, but on a Lender's inability to read information supplied, to understand their overall business, and to actually SEE what our client was achieving during lockdown - is pretty harsh and something I wasn't going to stand for.

Call it a David & Goliath story, or a victory for the underdog, but nearly 3 months later, after telephone calls, appeals, the supply of more evidence and finally a sensible conversation with the Lender....the declines were retracted and we finally got a Mortgage Offer issued.

I kept my promise to the client; I didn't walk away depleted or empty-handed and neither did she. My persistence in the pursuit of an Offer was given freely without restriction - her happiness at being offered the Mortgage was the greatest reward of all.