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Age really is just a number.

Think you are past the age where you can get a mortgage? Well, it seems most people do.

The bods at LiveMore did a bit of research and it appears that “Only 4% of people aged over 50 believe they would be able to take out a new mortgage, dropping to 2% for those over 80.” Age discrimination in financial services must be addressed!

For the record, this absolutely is not the case at all. The UK has more than 25 million people over 50 and for firms to discriminate against them is wrong.

I certainly don’t. People over 50 or 80 are just as capable of servicing a mortgage than the under 50’s.

When it comes to mortgages, income dictates the possibilities, not age. Pensions and other assets such as investments are valid forms of income which can also be used. It seems all too often these are ignored.

I am proud to have been able to help many older clients remortgage or buy new homes with ease, and will continue to do so. LiveMore also said the oldest person they had arranged a mortgage for was 92. This year, I arranged one for a 91 year old, and just as he has no plans to stop yet, neither have I.